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Important dates

1st March 2019 - Secondary allocation day
29th March 2019 - Deadline to receive appeal forms
18th June 2019 - Deadline to hear secondary admission appeals

Any appeals received after 29th March will be heard after 18th June once all timely appeals have been heard. This will not affect the outcome of your appeal. You will be informed of the date of your appeal with 10 school days notice unless you agree to waive your rights of the notice in which case you will be informed beforehand.

The "Procedures for Appeals" document is available on this website by clicking or touching here which provides further information about the appeals process.

For further assistance click or touch here for Frequently Asked Questions.

If you wish to make an appeal for more than one child for whom you are parent/carer then you will have to register separately for each.

It is necessary to register as parent/carer before attempting to sign in.

Please do not contact schools about an appeal, an enquiry form is available once you have registered.


To register you will need to use the name of your child exactly as provided to the Slough Consortium when registering for the test in September 2018. In addition you will be asked for the username that was allocated for that occasion. Once registered you may access the area at any time and make applications for appeal to any one of the four schools.

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